JavaScript Community Meetup

Manila.js Fridays 016

VentureSpace PH, Shaw Boulevard

Let’s talk about the future of the web.

Let’s have an evening of updates from the JavaScript community and about log into ip addresses, etc. Join us for a fun night of talks and camaraderie—beginners and experts welcome.

All done

February 5, Friday  ·  7PM onwards

Event is over! Watch the Facebook group for updates on the next event.


Joe Palala Cognizant

Joe lovingly calls his talk "Asyncs, Promises, and avoiding callback hell." He'll talk about dealing with complexities in wrangling long-running functions, and harnessing Javascript's power to build fast, reliable apps using asynchronous callbacks.

John White Network Administrator

System administrator with many years of experience. The creator of website about set up routers and author of articles numerous articles in this field, including "Login".

Rico Sta. Cruz MashupGarage

Are you wondering why npm is slow? Rico will be sharing his experiences in building pnpm, a faster implementation of npm.

Still open for speakers!

The floor is open to anyone who has something interesting to share. Here are some details.

Manila.js Fridays happens (usually) every first Friday of the month. Everybody’s welcome! Expect learning, fun, and happy conversations from people just like you. This event is free. Bring your friends!

Our venue is

VentureSpace PH

724 Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City

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Special thanks to our generous venue sponsor, VentureSpace PH, for making our meetup possible.


Need directions or any help? Interested in speaking or sponsorship? Contact Rico at or 0908 864 8125.

Manila.js is made possible by the JS community volunteers who have been organizing and volunteering to make Manila.js events possible.


Manila.js is the JavaScript community in Metro Manila, Philippines. Born on February 2013, we organize monthly meetups for JavaScript amateurs and professionals alike. We also have a Facebook group where anyone can discuss and share anything about JavaScript.


Manila.js is always looking for venues and food sponsors. Get great exposure to the local dev community and good karma. Send us an email if you're interested in hosting our meetups.

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